10 Best Burger Restaurants in Roswell

Are you tired of buying low quality burgers? Is your craving not being taken care of properly? Why stick with…

Are you tired of buying low quality burgers? Is your craving not being taken care of properly? Why stick with these when there are plenty of burger places in your area that serve freshly made, giant, juicy burgers?

Take a look at our top ten list of places to grab an artisan burger in the Roswell!

1. Lucky’s Burgers & Brew

Let me ask you a question, are you feeling lucky today? If you’re headed to lucky’s, then you better be! Because they have the best burgers on our list!

2. Stax Burger Bar

Have you ever experience being able to customize your burger anyway you want, with the way its cooked, and the stuff you put on it? At Stax, that’s what you do!

3. Moxie Burger

Why waste your money and disappoint your taste buds at fast food chains? At Moxie, spend your hard earned money on a burger that your taste buds will enjoy!

4. Rhea’s 2

The burgers are so good here, they skipped 1 and went straight to 2! A local place to grab burgers in Roswell, you surely will not be disappointed!

5. The Counter

Even though this is a burger place, I think the best thing about this place is that they offer vegetarian options as well, they truly think of everyone!

6. Rhea’s 3

Even better than the second one, this prime location will knock you straight out of your socks once you sink your chompers into their juicy burgers!

7. Salt Factory

Don’t worry, salt is NOT the main ingredient here. The main ingredient here is tender love and care put into each dish they serve each and every customer.

8. Table & Main

Have you ever had a southern infused burger? If you haven’t, stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW, drop everything, and head on over to Table and Main!

9. OTP Tap & Grill

So you have to make the decision to stop and get gas or keep going to OTP tap and grill? Easy decision right? OTP tap and grill here we come!

10. Oak Street Cafe

One of our more personal favorites, because its listed at 10 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check this place out. It’s wonderful, and you wont be let down!

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