Woodstock’s tagline is “a city unexpected” – and many people are surprised when they discover this gem of a suburb! There are records of churches and farms in the area as early as the 1830’s. But the establishment of the train depot in Woodstock in 1897 really put the town on the map. Even though passenger service on the Louisville and Nashville railroads was discontinued in 1949, the town has continued to grow and thrive. The historic downtown area is one of the best in Atlanta – lined with century-old historic homes (many now occupied by local businesses). Live music, dining and shopping a-plenty attract entertainment seekers from all over. The addition of walkable urban housing adjacent to the downtown area (by Hedgewood properties, John Weiland, the Providence Group and others) and an outdoor amphitheater and walking trails by the city has made downtown Woodstock an unexpected star of the north Atlanta suburbs.

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