Do you really want to sell your home online?

You’ve seen the TV spots, heard the radio ads and maybe even clicked that button to “get an offer on…

You’ve seen the TV spots, heard the radio ads and maybe even clicked that button to “get an offer on your home now” when checking up on your Zestimate.  They’re selling speed, convenience and certainty. Do you know what you’re getting yourself into though?

The claims are that you’ll sell your home under your terms, you’ll save time and money and it will be a smoother and more convenient process.  As I’ll explain in detail in a minute, it’s not going to cost you less money. There may be some specific instances where these services are the perfect option for a client including:

Even if these situations apply to you – have a conversation with a low pressure Realtor (Hi! ?‍♀️). I’ll help you figure out if your best option really is to trade some of your equity for probable convenience (see what can go wrong below for why it’s probable and not certain).  

Who are the players, and what actually goes down when you sell your house to an “i-buyer”?  

(Side note – a lot of people think the term i-buyer stands for internet buyer. But really it stands for investor buyer. Most of these companies have a goal of purchasing properties that they can turn around and sell to wholesale investors. If the investors don’t want it, they put it on the open market)  


Other companies like Perch, Redfin and even brokerages like Coldwell Banker and Keller Williams are starting to offer ibuyer products, but the above are currently the biggest players.

As you can see, if all goes well, you’re spending more money in order to not have to make your bed, keep your dishes put away, not deal with contingencies, and name your closing date.  But as we all know, it doesn’t always go perfectly well. If you have a less than ideal experience, you’re really looking at a lose-lose. Here are some of the things to think about:

These companies have lots of venture capital funding, and they provide a good alternative to traditional real estate listing for a very small percentage of sellers for a higher fee.  They’re a good option for some. If you’d like to look at your options for selling your house, we are happy to come over and talk about it. We promise we’ll give you the best advice for your property, your situation and your convenience – and make sure you keep your equity in your pocket!  

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