In honor of National Coffee Day…

Let’s be honest, us Realtors need coffee to operate effectively. Sometimes negotiating a contract means working until10 pm, or helping…

Let’s be honest, us Realtors need coffee to operate effectively. Sometimes negotiating a contract means working until10 pm, or helping a buyer find their dream house means getting in and out of the car 15 times in one day; that takes some serious fuel. In honor of National Coffee Day, we wanted to share with you a few of our favorite spots around Atlanta to grab a cup of Joe.


Unique, simple, and very minimalist, Brash operates out of a transformed Freight container in Westside Provisions. It isn’t hard to make a decision when deciding what to order because there are only a few things on the menu. They usually feature two different roasts at a time and they even know the name of the family that grew the beans. There is no doubt, this is a farm to cup coffee shop.

OCTANE-Grant Park:

There are four Octane locations in the Atlanta area, but our favorite one of them all is in Grant Park. You can’t beat the bright, open, loft-like space that’s filled with croissants, lattes, and even cocktails! That’s right, this location is a coffee shop by day and a bar by night.

Their space is shared with the Little Tart Bakeshop which is filled with all of the french inspired pastries a person could want. I particularly enjoy their current scones or their peanut butter & cocoa nib cookie, but you can’t go wrong.


Our final stop brings us OTP to downtown Crabapple. There is also a second location in downtown Alpharetta right across from Food Truck Alley. There is no better place to fuel up before heading to the Saturday morning farmer’s market. We also love to get some work done here!

Mugs has a delicious selection of homemade pastries and snacks, but they also serve a Mom’s Lunch Box. This is a hit and not your typical coffee shop lunch. The box contains a freshly made sandwich, chips, and a homemade cookie…and they sell out every day by 12:30! My favorite treat is the Breakfast Cookie. How can you go wrong with peanut butter, chocolate chips, and oats?

There you have it! Three of our favorite places to grab a cup of coffee and a treat (or lunch!). Tag us the next time you stop at one of these spots and let us know what you think. Happy National Coffee Day!

If you're in the North Atlanta area on a weekday, odds are you may find Carrie camped out at a local coffee shop. Having lived in the area since 1985, she knows all the hot spots and enjoys supporting local businesses while conducting business of her own.
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