Organize your way to a better home

Our houses can turn from clean to messy. Leaving things laying around or just stuffing them inside a drawer until…

Our houses can turn from clean to messy. Leaving things laying around or just stuffing them inside a drawer until they all pile up spells disaster.  Can you imagine a house where you can’t relax and find things that you need? It’s definitely going to start to be unorganized if we don’t do anything about it.

Organizing your home can be a real headache when piles of junk are overflowing, toys are all over the floor, the office is flooded with papers, laundry stuff on top of the washer. Fortunately, there are systems and tools that we can use to organize every room in our house.

Check out this simple tips that can help you along the way.

1. Everything has its place.

Have a specific place for your keys, pens, pencils, incoming papers, and mail. Use a variety of organizing tools, including drawer organizers, shoe racks, magazine racks, filing cabinets, drawers, and shelving units.

Never just toss stuff in a drawer. Instead, make sure that everything has a proper holding spot. Whenever an item has been removed from its assigned home, make sure that it is immediately returned to its homes when no longer in use.

2. Clean as you go.

Don’t let the piles of toys, dishes, and paperwork throw you off. Instead, clean up everything as you go along. Do a quick wipe up of the shower each day. Pick up a few things as you’re walking through the house. Spend 15 minutes each day organizing your office. You’ll be surprised at what a huge difference these daily habits can make.

3. Filing system helps lessen the work.

Get a filing cabinet, it is one of the best organizing tools. They help keep all of your important paperwork organized. File away all of your manuals, your tax information, finance information, school report cards, family documents, etc. Once filed, make sure that they are properly labeled to easily identify.

4. Get organized.

Start with a clean slate, remove that unneeded junk and throw it out. After purging any obvious trash, bundle all “like” things business cards or unmarked keys that you want to keep. Try to use a multi-section inserts and utensil tray to help you organize items.

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