Organizing Your Small Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are often forgotten when it comes to organizing stuff. We tend to just put everything on the side…

Laundry rooms are often forgotten when it comes to organizing stuff. We tend to just put everything on the side and shoot everything in the basket. But that need not be the case.  Why not make your laundry room a lovely place to be in.

Here are a few organization tips for making the most out of the laundry area.

1. Add a countertop 

Adding some countertop on top of your washer makes its a more usable space for folding clothes and adding decors. A touch of femininity by pulling some curtains makes it cozy.

2. Hang those baskets

Space are mostly consumed by those big washers, so where do we put those cleaners? Hanging baskets and caddies are perfect for storing all of your cleaning stuff and they occupy even those bittiest bare wall.

3. Setup drying racks

Drying racks can be easily bought from the stores however if they are not an option due to cramp space then try hanging racks on the wall as an alternative. A tilting drying rack is also an idea which can occupy less space and hangs beautifully on your wall without clutter.

4. Put some shelvings

Make doing your laundry go over like a breeze. Setup some shelves on top of your washers for easy access to your detergents.

5. Make sure to maximize your space

Cabinets and shelves goes a long way in organizing your laundry stuff.  These are a must on every home as they make organizing and sorting things out easier. Plus it makes the room look cleaning with no unnecessary stuff lying around.

There’s a whole lot of way you can organize your laundry area. Different ideas and designs for everyone. Just make sure to note all of the tips we discussed and you’ll never go wrong in creating your cozy little laundry area.

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