Tiny Doors ATL

Have you ever heard or seen any of the works of Tiny Doors ATL? If not then you’re definitely missing…

Have you ever heard or seen any of the works of Tiny Doors ATL? If not then you’re definitely missing a whimsical experience.

Tiny Doors ATL is a small artist cooperative bringing big wonder to tiny spaces. They literally installs 6-inch tall doors in strategic places throughout the city. It is dedicated to free and accessible art and its all free to visit and view.

Tiny Doors ATL plays on a small visual scale by creating that moment of surprise as people walk by.People can often walk by the door and not see them. Every single door holds on different artistic surprises.

Tiny Doors ATL also holds events like ribbon cutting ceremonies. They are currently in partnership with Trees Atlanta. Since the beginning of this project in the summer of 2014, art lovers and urban explorers have consistently asked how they can get involved. The ribbon cuttings give people a chance to interact with other people, to talk about their quests for the doors, to connect with Tiny Doors ATL and hear an insider scoop on whats in the near future.

Tiny Doors ATL is an all-volunteer organization run by Director and Co-Founder Karen Anderson and Co-Founder Sarah Meng. Other members of the team include Tiny Guardians, who you’ll see out tending to doors and porches on sunny days

This coming 19th of December, don’t miss the chance to attend the reveal of their door # 8 between 4:00PM – 7:00PM at Cabbagetown District Atlanta, GA. The event is for all ages, and will include fun free beverages from a Cabbagetown establishment.

You can stay up to date on future ribbon cuttings by following Tiny Doors ATL on Facebook or Instagram.

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