Trivia nights in Atlanta

Do you love hanging out with friends and family, eating, drinking and having fun at the same time? Are you…

Do you love hanging out with friends and family, eating, drinking and having fun at the same time? Are you fond of random quizzes and impressing friends with your quick thinking? Well here’s your time to do just that. We’ve gathered some of our favorite neighborhood trivia game spots below, drop by anytime and have absolute fun!

1. Twain’s Brewpub and Billiards

This popular brewpub in Decatur serves some tasty house made brews, and every Monday night at 8 get a chance to win prizes and bragging rights by joining their trivia night. There’s also other game source to keep you going like pool tables, shuffleboard and darts. And with a revamped menu to go with the beer, you’ll want to camp out all night.

2. Diesel Filling Station

Diesel does Nerd-Core Trivia on Tuesdays as part of Dirty South Trivia. Think nerdy movies and TV shows mixed with computer questions, comic books and more. It’s tough. Definitely a serious challenge, so better get your “Firefly” and Marvel knowledge ready.

3. The Highlander

On Sundays, The Highlander lets you extend the weekend just a little bit with a night of self-esteem lifting (or crushing) trivia. Don’t forget to check out their house-made favorites, like jerk chili and pasta–rella sticks and order a pitcher of High Life and some tots on the side of anything, and everything will be right.

4. Lucky’s Burger and Brew

If you’re in Roswell with a trivia itch, grab the pup and head straight to Lucky’s. The dog friendly restaurant hosts Team Trivia every Wednesday at 8 p.m. Settle in with a glass of brew and one of their juicy burgers. You have 16 to choose from, including the Georgia Dawg Pounder with a fried pimento cheese ball and red pepper jelly.

5. Republic Social House

Republic has weekly game nights that bring in a huge crowd of PBR-swilling folks. On Thursdays get your grown-up knowledge ready for Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll Trivia. If you want more adult themed game nights, on Wednesday try Dirty Bingo.

6. Battle & Brew

It’s Geeks Trivia night every Wednesday Topics range from science to “Star Wars” and everything in between. And they promise — no sports questions! Table Top Thursday lets you bring in your favorite board games and play. They occasionally bring in virtual reality games to play.

7. Rocky Mountain Pizza Co.

Every Thursday nights, teams of engineering and physics majors gather in this pizza spot and join in the trivia fun. Get ready to battle students from Georgia Tech and go on a science trivia journey.

If you're in the North Atlanta area on a weekday, odds are you may find Carrie camped out at a local coffee shop. Having lived in the area since 1985, she knows all the hot spots and enjoys supporting local businesses while conducting business of her own.
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